The Problem:

Older adults may have a difficult time with many common household repairs due to physical limitations or safety issues. In some cases the cost of hiring a handyman or contractor to perform minor repairs is prohibitive, and there may not be any family able or willing to assist. Some of the repairs or maintenance items include:
Replacing light bulbs in hard to reach areas (ceilings, ovens, refrigerators), replacing batteries in smoke alarms (usually on a ceiling), leaking faucets, toilet tank malfunctions, squeaky doors and windows, damaged or torn screens, blown fuses or GFI resets, loose handles or drawer pulls, water heater temperature adjustments, etc.

The Solution:

Rotary Home Team identifies older adults (age 60 and over) in the community who need assistance and coordinates volunteer Rotarians to visit and make necessary repairs at no cost.
With just a phone call, fax or email to our numbers listed above older adults can request a two person team of Rotarians to stop by on a Saturday morning to handle the necessary maintenance issue. You’ll be asked for your name, address and phone number, along with a description of the maintenance need. Rotary will coordinate the teams and send them to you on a specific date. If your need is urgent we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot promise a speedy reply.
When the Rotary HOME Team arrives they will introduce themselves and provide identification. They will review
your request with you and ask you to sign a simple liability waiver. They will then determine what is necessary and complete the item(s). In the event the item needs additional expertise or is over and above the scope of our capabilities, Rotary will forward your name to the Covia senior service coordinator, who will attempt to assist you.
Upon completion of the maintenance item, the Rotary HOME Team will leave behind additional information that you might find helpful for other needs. Of course we would also like to hear from you about the service and we welcome your comments.
The Rotary HOME Team
and Covia