For many seniors, common household repairs are no longer easy to do on their own. Family members may not be able to help, and the ability to pay someone for the repairs may not be possible either.

Rotary HOME Team™ can assist with common maintenance issues such as:

* replacing hard to reach lightbulbs
* changing smoke alarm batteries
* fixing a leaky faucet
* repairing sticky doors
* adjusting handles or cabinet drawer pulls
* resetting tripped circuit breakers
* and many other small repairs 


Rotary HOME Team™!

Call the Rotary HOME Team™ to be scheduled for their next workday, usually the last SATURDAY of every other month (subject to change).

On the Rotary HOME Team™ workday, a team of volunteer Rotarians will come to your house to help with your minor household repairs.

Rotary HOME Team™ volunteers will always introduce themselves with appropriate identification. They will review your maintenance needs with you and ask you to sign a simple liability waiver. And don’t worry, our volunteers will arrive with everything we need to get the job done. In the event our team cannot help you with your needs, we’ll be sure to provide you with referrals to qualified professionals that can. 


Lights turn on, doors open smoothly, and faucets no longer drip!

Upon completion of repairs, our volunteers will provide you with a list of additional resources available to seniors in your area.

Our volunteers are here to help you feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your home. We are responsible, friendly, local members of your community who want to connect with you!